AVG Internet Security (ESD)

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AVG Internet Security protects what yours – from your device to you and your family’s personal information. Never go online without the safety of AVG’s world class digital security.

AVG Internet Security  Product Highlights:

  • Keep safe from online hacking attacks.
  • Protect your privacy by keeping your sensitive files encrypted.
  • Keep your activities private with WebCam Protection
  • This product is a digital license.
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Turn your computer into a digital fortress with AVG Internet Security. Protect your system and mobile devices from online hackers and digital snoops. Stop snoops from hijacking your webcam and sensitive files by securing your online connections. In addition, make sure your family is protected as well – at home or play.

Get your AVG Internet Security license from the Softvire US online store. At our great prices, you won’t find a better place online to keep your system secure. Additionally, with the rise of cybersecurity threats lately, you need to take extra measures to secure your devices and your data while you are on the internet, whether you are browsing, sending an email, or updating your social media accounts. Feel secure with AVG Internet security today.

AVG Internet Security Features:

Full coverage protection

AVG Internet Security’s real-time protection keeps your computer free of malware, viruses, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, and Trojans. Using advanced AI and real-time analysis tools stops threats from ever reaching you through unsafe links, downloads, and email attachments. Furthermore, enhanced firewall protection ensures your private data remains secure from unwanted eyes.

Digital privacy everywhere

With AVG Internet Security, you can encrypt and hide your private documents to make sure they’re secure. Moreover, shred any sensitive data you choose to make sure they can never be accessed. Keep your digital privacy secure even when you’re browsing, shopping, or banking. AVG will help block spam and scam emails while warning you about fake copycat websites.

Webcam Protection:

Keep your home and kids safe from online predators by securing your webcams. Control which applications will have access to your webcam and identify any suspicious activity.

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21 reviews for AVG Internet Security (ESD)

  1. Nathalie Knowles

    For over 20 years, AVG has been a staple for my business. Before it leaves the shop, each computer we sell has AVG built on it. I can’t even start counting how many headaches it has rescued my customers and me from!

  2. Clara Graham

    The best part of AVG software is its ability to auto-update anti-virus definitions. I can also schedule a time during which the virus scan will run, so my office work doesn’t get impacted. The simple interface makes it easy to use the software.

  3. Zackery Turner

    AVG has worked great for the past 5 years that I’ve used it. No computer issues ever!

  4. Jenna Greene

    The best for me. It’s user friendly and has everything that I need for personal use.

  5. Adam Hawkins

    This app is available on my desktop. It is successful and productive to secure my work-writing a journal, personal and other subjects. Even a free download is enough. It’s also not as “Heavy” as Norton, meaning: it doesn’t take up many bytes, room, memory—which is a great advantage since my laptop is tiny but doesn’t have a lot of extra room.

  6. Christie Hayden

    I’ve been with AVG several years, with the last two renewals going for two years at a time. During this period I’m glad to say I’ve had no problems with internet security.

  7. Chantel Wainwright

    We have had no issues with AVG, although it has grown increasingly challenging to use with time. A scan no longer occurs on boot-up, and unless I initiate it, days or weeks might pass without a scan. The assistance is time-consuming and might be expensive. We appreciate this Choice report and will update our virus security software.

  8. Joni Philips

    I’ve used AVG on my phone and tablet for years. It’s simple and offers several important features. Separate VPN. I feel comfortable using the combination on an unknown network.

  9. Murphy Todd

    We’ve had no problems with AVG, but it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to use over time.

  10. Killian Talbot

    I’ve been using AVG internet security for about five years and have always thought it’s fantastic. For the time being. My website security at AVG quickly alerts me of my expiration ability, and I wanted to renew my software subscription automatically.

  11. Jeffrey Greig

    I have been virus-free and hacker-free. It’s great to start working on your computer every day without having to worry about hackers or bugs invading your area. I strongly recommend AVG for both business and personal PCs!

  12. Barney Mclean

    This device has been doing an incredible job. I purchased it for my products and it has kept them very safe, plus I have purchased further products through AVG via this product awesome company.

  13. Harpreet Juarez

    AVG Internet Security is one of my best choices for my laptop.

  14. Clarke Greene

    AVG Internet Security is a decent small bundle that gives you much of the security you need at a reasonable price.

  15. Aurick Baker

    Like most antivirus, it protects in real-time and controls the most common ways of virus entry, such as instant messaging programs and email accounts.

  16. Angela Bailey

    The AVG antivirus scanner is always on and keeps track of any changes I make to files and folders, guaranteeing that nothing happens without knowing.

  17. Frances Haley

    I love the all-encompassing aspect of a one-click search for viruses and clean-up.

  18. Yvette Lovell

    Compatible with all devices You should not worry about viruses and other undesirable elements.

  19. Harris Delaney

    Suitable for all your devices. Don’t have to worry about viruses and other things you don’t want

  20. George Brennan

    I love AVG, because it keeps viruses out and warns me of any threats. The downside is that on older computers or low grade, it can be demanding, thus slowing it down, but on a fast computer it has no difficulties.

  21. Yvette Lovell

    With its behavior-based detection and multiple scanning options, AVG does a good job of detecting malware. However, it has some rather severe data privacy issues.

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