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Get started in Broderbund Printmaster design software with over 4,800 project templates, or start from scratch using over 15,000 royalty-free images, and use the design tools to add your personal touch! With PrintMaster Platinum, the only limit is your imagination.

Printmaster Product Highlights:

  • Even more Avery templates with a new search and match system
  • Templates for Social Media: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and more!
  • Simplified user interface
  • Project wizard makes the design process easy from start to finish
  • Photo and Image Editing Tools to add special effects to images
  • Grid and Snap to Grid functionality making manual layout changes a snap
  •  Built-in photo editor
  • This is a non-renewable digital license
  • This product is supported on Windows devices only.
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Disclaimer: This is a digital product. Any physical components like  CD/DVDs, USB, and boxes are not included in this purchase.

PrintMaster is a publication and design program that has a multitude of uses. It was first developed in the 1990s by the Encore Inc company. It can be used to create various publications — such as newsletters, flyers, magazines, newspapers, and posters, anything that requires a mix of high-quality images and striking text — and is similar to QuarkXPress and Microsoft Publisher, although without as many features and capabilities.

Broderbund PrintMaster is a simple and easy-to-use publishing program, not as flash and useful and many of its counterparts, but it is quick, efficient, and cost-effective. PrintMaster is used in the marketing and design industries to create highly visual graphical publications. Still, it can also be used by individuals with simpler goals, such as designing greeting cards or publishing flyers. It can also support many file formats, and it has a long list of features and functions at its disposal.

Get Broderbund Printmaster at Softvire US today and enjoy better publication-quality!

Design Toolkit

Create customized projects for your social media accounts, event celebrations, personal and business documents, advertising, stationery, and so much more! Intuitive page layout tools, simple drag and drop for photos and clip art, and easy-to-use design tools create impressive projects.

New powerful full-featured tool 

Your entire design will look sophisticated and worth viewing with the Project Wizard, Photo and Image Editing Tools, and more Avery templates.

Templates and Premium Images

Find over 4,800 ready-made templates for cards, calendars, invitations, banners, newsletters, brochures, and more! It also includes 480+ royalty-free, commercial use templates. Access 165,000+ clip art images to add finishing touches to your projects.


Create your publications in just 3 steps!

  • Pick: Create from scratch or choose from thousands of design templates.
  • Personalize: Add your own photos, text, and borders to create one-of-a-kind designs.
  • Share: Print your projects at home or easily send them for professional printing to share with friends and family.

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19 reviews for Broderbund Printmaster

  1. Jillian Phillips

    The app is nice, and our family saved a lot of money. The graphics are great, and there are a lot of different ones to choose from. We’ve printed all sorts of cards, invites, and thank you for this product. It looks like something you’re trying to order from a print shop.

  2. Wisdom Lambert

    For several years, I have been using the printmaster app and have updated to this new edition. I have always found it easy to use, but it can be cumbersome to find the graphics you want. I usually make my own graphics, so when I am about to do a project, I know exactly where to find them.

  3. Yassin William

    EXCELLENT! This application is fantastic! Projects provide a wide range of choices. You will not be let down! It is completely new. My love is making cards, and now I can do it to my heart’s delight.

  4. Cammie Tobin

    Yes, I love this software. Has all types of project choices. You’re not going to be disappointed! Brand new here. Making cards is my hobby, and now I can make my heart’s material. I installed Windows 7 on my desktop.

  5. Zaynab Iles

    A very convenient and user-friendly print software that is both comprehensive and simple to use. I’ve designed greeting cards, brochures, announcements, and other printed materials. Professional performance and good concept methods. When store cards miss the mark or don’t have the right wording, I’m especially good at designing personalized greeting cards for family and friends.

  6. Shawn Cousins

    EXCELLENT! I love Broderbund Printmaster! It has all kinds of options for projects. You won’t be disappointed! Brand new. Making cards is my passion, and now I can create to my heart’s content. I installed it on my laptop with windows 10.

  7. Aman Myers

    EXCELLENT! I love this software! It has all kinds of options for projects. You won’t be disappointed! Brand new. Making cards is my passion, and now I can create to my heart’s content. I installed it on my laptop with windows 7.

  8. Amie Bravo

    The Printmaster 18.1 installation went quickly and smoothly. It captured all of my old Print Shop projects and enabled me to work with them! More than happy with the result. I had no luck opening Print Shop 23.1 after I switched to Windows 10.

  9. Stephanie Johnston

    One of the best card programs I’ve ever used. I’d been using this program for a long time, and my previous software had failed. Anyone who enjoys creating cards for relatives and friends will like this one. A delightful user.

  10. Mary Perez

    Great software. I was familiar with Print Master since I had an earlier version that would not upgrade to Windows 10. I’m glad I found a substitute. Simple to use, everything I create looks professional, and it’s almost shop purchased. It’s fantastic!

  11. Kourtney Derrick

    I’d used it in the past, but the most recent version for Windows 10 was a letdown. This version is fantastic. There is no better product for the price. I highly recommend it!

  12. Falak Webster

    Love it! It is suitable for a refresher or for beginners wanting to increase their speed and skills.

  13. Caley Zimmerman

    If you’re looking to expand your artistic horizons, this program is for you. However, the interface of the application does need some getting accustomed to. Incredible app!

  14. Thierry Sanders

    The program functioned well once I restarted it. I printed my project, and it paid for itself in 6 minutes. Thank you for providing this excellent and simple-to-use tool. I’ve been using this brand for almost two years. It’s amazing!

  15. Roan Rennie

    A excellent print program. It’s simple to use and has a wide range of applications. It’s perfect for wedding invitations and scrapbooks.

  16. Elise Reese

    I love this software so much!

  17. Kole House

    So far this product is great. Only used it a couple times.

  18. Alexia Andrews

    It teaches you row by row and hand by hand. It’s good for those who need to learn the basics.

  19. Greg Carter

    Great software for people who want to maintain their typing speed up to speed.

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