Creative Fonts Traditional Collection

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The Creative Fonts Traditional Collection is a unique, hand-selected group of fonts. It includes unique typefaces such as classic, cursive, creativity, designer, cool and handwriting fonts. Each font is categorized into themed sets that you can view in more detail.

Summitsoft Creative Fonts Traditional Collection Product Highlights:

  • 100% Compatible with essential PC programs
  • Full Character Sets
  • Commercial Licensing
  • Themed Fonts
  • This is a digital product
  • This license is for Windows PC only
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Disclaimer: This is a digital product and does not include any physical components such as a box, USB, DVD, or CD.

Creative Fonts Traditional Collection is a modern take on traditional fonts from Summitsoft. Traditional Fonts Collection comes with unique and professionally created fonts that represent a modern take on traditional fonts and makes a great addition to any font library.

Traditional Fonts Collection is a unique, hand-selected group of fonts categorized into the following themes:

  • Classic Fonts
  • Cursive Fonts
  • Creativity Fonts
  • Designer Fonts
  • Cool Fonts
  • Handwriting Fonts

All Creative Fonts are OpenType, the same industry-standard used by Microsoft and Adobe. This means they stay sharp and clear at any size. Each font in every Creative Fonts Collection is hand-designed by our own SummitType Foundry, a division of Summitsoft Corporation, so each and every font is unique!

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Full Character Sets

Fonts purchased elsewhere may only have uppercase and lowercase characters – some don’t even have numbers or standard symbols. Each and every font contains a full set of characters plus all of the international and foreign language symbols and special characters.

Commercial Licensing

Even though you purchase the font from the foundry or another company, is it licensed for commercial or private use and royalty free? Commercially licensed fonts should come with a certificate (digital or hard copy) that gives the purchaser the right to use the font commercially. All the fonts in the Creative Font Collections are licensed for personal and commercial use. So rest easy knowing that you can use them where ever and when ever you like!

Handwriting Fonts

Create your invitation with a personal touch your guests deserve. Our Handwriting Fonts Collection takes the mass production feel out of any project and replaces it with a warm handwritten one.

Compatible With Most Programs You Use

All of our fonts are 100% compatible with all your favorite programs. This gives you incredible flexibility in deciding how and where you want to put these fonts to use. Bottom line – the control is in your hands.

14 reviews for Creative Fonts Traditional Collection

  1. Dylan Barnes

    A decent set of fonts. However, the app seems pretty hard to use. I thought the easiest way to do it was to skip the included program and only copy and paste the desired fonts to the font folder on my computer.

  2. Macey Hudson

    I adore the new fonts. They are separate from the rest of my set.

  3. Wil Rosario

    This Creative Fonts collection product features that have different fonts to use. I have used a previous version of this software for years until I upgraded—nice product.

  4. Rhona Prosser

    There’s a lot to choose from and this package, I highly recommend

  5. Anand Ferry

    I bought it for my niece, a graphic designer. She liked. It enabled her to add lots of color and letter sizes to her artwork. I bought it online, but it arrived by email, which she liked.

  6. Anika Parsons

    I purchased these fonts to use while making worksheets, signs, and more for my classroom. Multiple teachers have complimented the fonts and wondered where to get them! They are student-friendly and work on a variety of different activities.

  7. Maeve Howarth

    I bought these fonts to use when I create worksheets and posters for my classroom. Multiple teachers have complimented the fonts and asked where I received them! They are student-friendly and work for many different activities.

  8. Luther Carney

    This is a lot more than I expected—a wide array of different fonts styles.

  9. Cole Allison

    The fonts are nice, but the program is complicated to use. Using it was a breeze since I copied and pasted desired fonts into the font folder on my computer instead of relying on any third-party software.

  10. Susan Hensley

    My niece is a graphic designer, so I thought she might like this. She found it to be great. It gave her the flexibility to use a wide range of colors and letter sizes in the visuals she was making. 

  11. Ralph Lauren

    Everything appeals to me! I finished the first presentation in less than 5 hours.

  12. Hailie Herman

    This program is fantastic. I used it to make my logo for my bakery, and I love all options. It had very easy to use

  13. Antonette Miller

    I love the new fonts of Creative Fonts. They are different from all the rest I have. I will recommend this to my friends and colleagues.

  14. Brady Walker

    I like it because it makes transparent logos, but the image pixels are not so good.

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