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McAfee Internet Security protects all your devices and private date from the latest digital threats. Surf, shop, and socialize online without any worries with McAfee’s award-winning device protection package guarding your digital gates.

McAfee Internet Security Product Highlights:

  • Protect multiple devices with a single subscription
  • Protect your data and systems with award-winning protection
  • Log in securely and easily with the True Key app remember your passwords.
  • Manage protection for all your devices from the easy-to-use Security Management Console.
  • Get warned about risky sites and spam mail before you even click them.
  • This product is a digital license
  • This purchase is for a 1-year subscription.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. Purchase does not include any physical components such as USB, CD/DVDs, or boxes.

McAfee Internet Security is the award-winning  protection software that guarantees the safety of your system and the eliminiation malicious software. Have access to the best online and digital protection for any device for you and your family with McAfee security software.

Get your copy of McAfee Internet Security from the Softvire US online store at the best prices. As McAfee Interne Security reviews say, you’re getting the best protection in the most affordable package. Combined with our great deals and discounts, the McAfee Internet Security download edition gives you full protection no matter which version you pick.

Comprehensive protection

Protect every device you own with a single subscription. No need to buy a McAfee Internet Security license for each device. In addition, whether mobile or desktop, your devices are safe from malicious software both online and offline.

Streamline your digital life

True Key Identity Manager lets you log in easily to your devices, favorite sites, and applications using facial recognition and other customizable attributes unique to you (1 user account)

PC health beyond protection

Have access to device optimization tools that keep your PCs and mobile devices running at top performance. With McAfee, you don’t sacrifice performance for protection.

Expert care with McAfee

Free support – Includes technical support, security advisors, and customer service available for the life of your subscription.


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25 reviews for McAfee Internet Security

  1. Fatima Kennard

    I’d say that McAfee has made a name for itself, and it’s an instantly identifiable brand that people can trust. I’d go with McAfee to accommodate more of your security needs, as they’re more than likely to live up to your standards.

  2. Tyrus Bradley

    Good value for the money. It’s nice to have this. Thank you for a great deal.

  3. Jonathan Poole

    I like that it has a virus available on the net and can use a free version before purchasing the official, apart from the protection and reliability provided by this software.

  4. Adette Jacobs

    I have used McAfee Security Services on my computer for my business for many years and have found it to be a reliable security system, providing updates and user friendly.

  5. Dashiell Sanders

    This software provides complete security,ant-spyware, and anti-malware. It also scans and blocks dangerous emails.

  6. Kenzie Boyle

    McAfee is one of the most well-known and widely used antivirus programs among professionals. The most recent versions are very competent in terms of software design and structure. However, since both have disadvantages, one of which is that they are not as quick as other antiviruses, some infections escape and Internet browsing slows down.

  7. Maxine Curran

    McAfee offers a VPN to help protect along with antivirus software. The name is associated with computer protection, and offering help gives me a good feeling of security.  I think that is a good deal. Plus knowing they have been doing this for some time now.

  8. Walid Contreras

    I’ve been a McAfee user for many years, and the comprehensive security subscription is well worth it. I’ve seen several excellent new features this year, including a VPN special. When it comes to these subscriptions, Softvire provides the most significant discounts. Frequently superior to what you’d see on the manufacturer’s website.

  9. Johnson Russell

    Great product. I’m using this to protect my laptops and android devices.

  10. Ashlee Firth

    McAfee antivirus has served me well through the years I have used it. The product was easy to install. Once I had questions and concerns, their customer service department was very helpful in offering professional and curious service.

  11. Alexandria Gibbons

    I never had any problems with their software. Always felt as if my computer was highly protected from spamming. Knowing that having their software gives me reassurance that I’m protected whenever I surf the internet.

  12. Casper Simon

    I’ve always had a positive experience with this application. It’s very non-intrusive, looks good visually, and is easy to navigate.

  13. Shelly William

    I’ve been a loyal McAfee user for many years. The most recent version continues to operate properly. Does just what it should do and uses little system resources. Very happy!

  14. Aurora Collins

    The functionality and simplicity of use of McAfee AntiVirus software appeal to me.

  15. Kaci Reeves

    I’ve had no issues with McAfee in the years I’ve worked with them. Their method has worked for me, and it seems to detect issues before they occur. It automatically eliminates unnecessary cookies regularly.

  16. Dane Johnston

    It was simple to install on my phone, tablet, and one of my computers, and it appears to be defending me. I can’t tell for sure, as this is my first time using McAfee, but overall it’s not a terrible bargain.

  17. Alexander Wilkins

    I have used this virus protection for years and have never had any issues. Very easy to use and understand. This virus protection even lets us know when there have been issues with passwords.

  18. Leonie Macfarlane

    I’ve had no issues with McAfee in the years I’ve worked with them. Their technique has worked well for me and seems to identify potential issues before their development. It automatically deletes unnecessary cookies on a scheduled basis.

  19. Halle Redman

    McAfee has long been a popular antivirus on our computers, giving us the best security at the least total price.

  20. Maximus Hodge

    Since all of the issues that I’ve been able to submit to the support team have been dealt with successfully and efficiently so far, there aren’t any bad traits that I should be complaining about.

  21. Owy Richards

    I have been using McAfee Internet Security for several years and am very satisfied with it.

  22. Haley Williamson

    McAfee’s total protection is fantastic. I have used it in the past and never had an issue. I would recommend this product to family and friends, especially since we are in this uncertain time.

  23. Daniel Wong

    The software is very effective at protecting against viruses and other online threats, and the user interface is very easy to use

  24. Ivan Faulkner

    I’ve been using McAfee Internet Security for the past year, and I have to say, it’s been a reliable and effective antivirus solution. Here’s my take on it.

  25. Grace Murphy

    The software’s performance optimization tools are a valuable addition. McAfee can help improve your system’s speed and performance by identifying and resolving issues that may slow it down.

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