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QuarkXPress is an alternative design software application for creative professionals. It combines the features you asked for with the quality your daily work demands at a fraction of the cost.

QuarkXPress Product Highlights:

  • Easy-to-use professional design tools.
  • Digital publishing conversion features
  • Creates responsive web designs
  • PSD, AI file, and common software compatibility.
  • This product is a digital license.
  • Options for perpetual and subscription-based licenses
  • Supports up to 1 Windows or Mac device.
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Disclaimer: This is a digital product. Any physical components like  CD/DVDs, USB, and boxes are not included in this purchase.

QuarkXpress provides one of the best alternatives for professional graphic and vector design software. It lets you create stunning images and layouts with qualities that would impress anyone.

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Customizable Layouts

Create designs for your book, newspapers, magazines, and more with customizable layouts available in QuarkXpress, You can create any designs you desire, import and export raster and vector files, use exceptional typography, and add effects. Create as many designs as you can and want.

Impressive Graphics and Illustrations

QuarkXpress includes exceptional graphic tools to create gorgeous illustrations and designs. You can blend colors, use multi-color gradients, apply non-destructive editing, and do more.

Responsive Web Publications

Bring modern and groundbreaking designs to life with the effortless features of QuarkXpress. Create responsive web designs and digital publications that will catch people’s attention.

QuarkXpress Advantage

QuarkXpress has options to include a 1, 2, or 3-year subscription plan of QuarkXpress Advantage. It includes the following features:

  • Get the latest updates
  • Technical support, from email to call
  • Webinar participation (ask an expert)
  • Multiple QuarkXpress licenses installing with a single key
  • Supports any language

Convert Files Easily

Want to use Adobe InDesign files? No worries, with 3 simple steps, you can convert your InDesign files so you can work with them easily.

New and Improved Features

  • Available on the late Mac OS
  • High-speed rendering
  • Text Shading Style to define borders
  • OpenType font
  • Supports Semantic Headers
Operating System


License Version

Perpetual License, Perpetual License +1 Year Advantage, Perpetual License +2 Year Advantage, Perpetual License +3 Year Advantage, Subscription License

15 reviews for QuarkXpress

  1. Reginald Cairns

    QuarkXpress is awesome! It is comparable to InDesign as far as features and functionality go. I use Quarkexpress in small projects because of its user-friendly features. But it definitely has a more intuitive interface and feels more like it belongs on a Mac.

  2. Keiren Burrows

    I prefer Quarkexpress since it is the best page layout program available due to its simplicity. Its text tools are exceptionally user-friendly, allowing you to do tasks quickly and efficiently. Also, QuarkXPress supports more printers than any other desktop publishing software.

  3. Rudi Barron

    I prefer Quarkexpress since it is the best page layout program available due to its simplicity. Its text tools are very user-friendly, allowing you to do tasks swiftly and effectively. In addition, QuarkXPress supports the most printers of any desktop publishing program.

  4. Manveer Fenton

    I use Quarkexpress in small projects because of its user-friendly features.

  5. Emily Mccabe

    I truly enjoy the software’s simplicity of use, and even with upgrades, the essential components remain the same. I find it simple to design the layout I need without all of the additional tools and settings available in other applications.

  6. Beckett Rodgers

    Quark is easy to use and straightforward. The interface, palettes, and shortcut keys enable me to design and complete projects quickly. I like the simplicity of adding annotations to a project.

  7. Marc Franklin

    I like the software’s ease of use, and even with updates, the core elements stay the same. I find it easy to create the layout I need without all the extra tools and settings found in some other software.

  8. Jayden Young

    QuarkXpress is a good program, relatively easy and intuitive to create print or digital content. It’s perfect for projects that start and end in one file.

  9. Eliza English

    Quark is straightforward and easy to use. The interface, palettes, and shortcut keys enable me to quickly develop and complete projects. I really like how simple it is to add footnotes to a project.

  10. Dollie Bullock

    My experience with the software goes back to its infancy, so it might just be that I’m used to working with it and find it intuitive.

  11. Michelle Brown

    I love this software! It provides all of my needs when it comes on documentation.

  12. Clark Parra

    Quark is simple and intuitive to use. The menu, palettes and quick keys allow me to create and finish projects swiftly. I especially live ke the ease of adding footnotes to a project.

  13. Daylon Jensen

    All the core functions are simple enough to use that I was able to start creating marketing literature for my firm without needing to spend too much learning how to use them.

  14. Ashley Brown

    This is what we are looking for! It help us a lot! Thank you, Softvire for this wonderful software.

  15. Joshua David

    It was a pretty enjoyable adventure. However, the user friendliness of the product should be a priority.

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