Bitdefender Total Security

(39 customer reviews)

From $89.99 including GST (10%)

Bitdefender Total Security brings complete protection against a varied number of threats. With consistent praise as one of the top device protection software, Bitdefender should be your choice to defend yourself from online and offline dangers. Have ironclad protection at home, work, and play without compromising your system’s performance.

Bitdefender Total Security Product Highlights:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Stops network attacks before they can reach you.
  • Optimized for speed across different devices.
  • Improved parental control features.
  • This product is a digital license.
  • Supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

Bitdefender Total Security


Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CDs/DVDs and boxes.


Bitdefender Total Security is the next-generation package you need for all your devices. With Total Security, keep your devices secure without sacrificing their performance. Whether you’re using Bitdefender for Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS, be sure you’re protected with one comprehensive security system.

Get the best Bitdefender downloads at the best price from Softvire now! Protect your system as soon as possible with our Bitdefender Total.

Bitdefender Total Security Full coverage in one package
Have all the essential defense features when you get Bitdefender. You won’t need any other security software when you buy this Bitdefender multi-device package.

Next generation protection
Stay protected from all kinds of past, present, and future threats. Never worry about being vulnerable to the latest online threats.

Refined parental controls
Monitor and secure your children’s online experience. Manage their time on the computer and limit their access to inappropriate content.

Unlock everything with one account.
Protect all your devices through one account. You don’t need to juggle information when accessing your devices.

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39 reviews for Bitdefender Total Security

  1. Melody Hale

    It’s a good product with a robust antivirus. For almost a year now, it has been protected and easy to use. I trusted it. It got outstanding reviews, so I first bought this, but I wasn’t disappointed.

  2. James Mantas

    Bitdefender Total Security – It’s such an amazing product! I’ve been able to save the computers from being hacked into and data saved, as well as saving computers from being taken over and jacked by those who would try and hold our computers hostage.

  3. Susan Fischer

    The protection against viruses is excellent. The detection of viruses in real-time means that any threat that is in the network is neutralized at the moment. Ease of use is another of the key points presented by this program.

  4. Alice Holland

    I have had this product installed for over two weeks. Installation went flawlessly, and support information answered all my questions. This product is rated highly within the Industry.

  5. Farhan Sherman

    Bitdefender Total Security is a powerful, easy-to-use virus protection solution, and it adds significantly to my confidence as I wander around the Internet. I trust them.

  6. Sebastian Anderson

    I bought this because I work online and I wanted a full package that would work to protect me while I do most of my work. Additionally, customer service was excellent. Thank you for the great offer.

  7. Lawrence Mills

    I have been searching for this kind of antivirus for my Android phones for years. Thanks to my best friend for introducing me to Bitdefender. I am impressed with its functionality and its ability to protect my phone from viruses and malware.

  8. Rylee Humphrey

    Bitdefender provides virus protection without slowing down my computer. It was easy to set up on multiple computers. Sometimes I can’t eject an external hard drive if Bitdefenders is running. Overall, I’m happier with it than I have been with other virus protection software.

  9. Jerusha Harlow

    I purchased this as I work online and needed a total kit to support and secure me through much of my work. Customer support was also exceptional. Thank you for this wonderful deal. Thank you.

  10. Leroy Parker

    I didn’t expect such helpful and sharp CS from Bitdefender. Thank you so much! Bitdefender works like a charm without any hassle blocking all the viruses.

  11. Yema dorie

    It’s a great antivirus product. It’s been safe and straightforward for a year. I believed it. I bought it because of the good ratings.

  12. zela rock

    It’s a great antivirus product. It’s been safe and straightforward for a year. I believed it. I bought it because of the good ratings.

  13. Bella Fits

    It’s an excellent anti-virus program. For the past year, everything has been safe and easy. I actually believed it. Because of the positive reviews, I decided to get it.

  14. T Taylor

    When I first started using security software, I didn’t realize how important it was to have software that actively protected my device and aggressively countered an assault before it could even begin. Total security, it is said, is capable of detecting malware before it can launch an assault. That is something I require, so I chose to get it. For the time being, I am pleased with my purchase. Thank you very much.

  15. L Johnson

    Total Security provided me with an excellent bargain. I’m content with the fact that I have a trademarked name that provides me with some kind of security. I’ve got a one-year membership for three devices under my belt. In addition, I am receiving positive comments from the other two users.

  16. David Turner

    I am very happy with the antivirus, firewall etc. I haven’t had any popup problems as other users reported.

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  22. Abby Marshall

    Bitdefender has always been my favorite option for security and privacy, no matter the device.

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  36. Tyler Cline

    I’ve been a Bitdefender user for several years and never had any issues.

  37. Alicia Schneider

    It’s a fantastic product altogether. It has one of the best hit-detection rates of all anti-virus. It’s an AV product you can trust.

  38. Nicholas Williams

    For many years, Bitdefender has protected my computer. You can rely on it to perform as advertised. 

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