PaperPort Standard (ESD)

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Part Number: ESN-6809Z-W00-14.0

Let PaperPort Standard manage, organize, scan, and share your files to enhance efficiency and productivity. It allows the editing and storing of files like a pro.

PaperPort Standard Product Highlights:

  • Convert paper documents to digital format.
  • Compatible with all-in-one printers and mobile and desktop scanners.
  • Search documents quickly.
  • Easy to learn tools.
  • This software is a digital license product.
  • For Windows PC only.
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Disclaimer: This is a digital product. Any physical components like  CD/DVDs, USB, and boxes are not included in this purchase.

PaperPort creates an efficient and productive way to organize and manage your files from home or office. You can get rid of paper clutter and locate files as quickly as you can with searchable digital files.

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Convert Paper Files to Digital Format

Declutter your desk and turn all your paper files into a digital format. With an easy step, you can convert your files to any format you desire.

Works with Any Scanner

Whether you are using a mobile scanner, desktop scanner, or an all-in-one printer, PaperPort Standard can detect files scanned on it.

Store Documents Safely

Store all your documents in one place, retrieve them anytime you need, and share them easily.

Search Information Quickly

Turn your paper files into PDF or digital files that are searchable. PaperPort allows you to search using a keyword or phrases to locate your document.

Easy to Use

PaperPort is packed with simple tools that will make it easy to learn and soon make you an expert in handling and organizing your paperwork.

9 reviews for PaperPort Standard (ESD)

  1. Ardal Johnson

    Great software to organize your client’s files by name and year in a pdf format.

  2. Santiago Suarez

    For several years I have been using Paperport for storing and managing documents. I enjoy the flexibility of the program and the freedom to transfer and stack papers.

  3. Tahlia Dunne

    I use PaperPort when faxing large documents instead of having to print everything out. This is amazing! Lets me combine documents. If I need to remove a page, I go to the page, letting me take it out! Also, PaperPort makes it so easy to print and everything right from the app!

  4. Manraj Lawson

    Super basic and easy to use, with little frills in terms of how the product works. I’m still learning the ins and outs of the device, but for basic scanning, it works well.

  5. Shazia Dawe

    Extremely straightforward and simple to use; there are few frills that detract from the product’s performance. I’m still learning the product’s ins and outs, but for basic scanning, it works well.

  6. Cecily Wyatt

    I enjoy how easy it is to use and how rarely it breaks down on me. I scan a lot of documents every day, and it’s super fast.

  7. Sandy Conner

    The product is straightforward to use. It doesn’t have a lot of extra features that get in the way of how it works. I’m still learning how to use the product, but it does exactly what I expected for basic scanning.

  8. Grace Parker

    If you are considering purchasing PaperPort Standard, it may be helpful to read through a variety of customer reviews and carefully evaluate whether the software meets your specific needs and requirements

  9. Christopher Robinson

    PaperPort Standard’s ability to scan and convert documents into searchable PDFs, as well as its intuitive interface and easy-to-use file management system.

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