TurboCAD MAC Designer 2D v14 (ESD)

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TurboCAD Mac Designer 2D delivers easy to use 2D drafting and design tools typically found in professional level CAD programs. Created with the simple user interface every Mac user demands, TurboCAD Mac makes it easy to produce anything from simple sketches to production ready drawings.

TurboCAD MAC Designer 2D v14 Product Highlights:

  • Thirteen Geometric Constraints
  • Dimension Constraints
  • Variable and Equations
  • Constraint Animation
  • Auto Constrain
  • Animate Dimension and Constraints.
  • This product is a digital license.
  • For Mac OSX/ OS only.
  • This supports 1 Mac device only.
  • This is a one-time purchase product and doesn’t need renewal.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

TurboCAD Mac offers a large selection of 2D tools, so that no matter the situation you’ve got access to the right tool for the job. Included you’ll find line, arc and curve tools. Plus access circle, ellipse, polygon, and spline tools, including the freehand spline and fair spline tools that offer greater control. You will also find power text and dimensioning tools, fillet and chamfer tools, as well as 2D modifier and transformation tools.

Drafting Assistant & Snaps
The Drafting Assistant thinks like a drafter. It automatically knows where construction lines are typically wanted and displays them temporarily when necessary. Combine with snaps to quickly locate x, y coordinates, tangents and perpendiculars, and you’ll be able to quickly layout floorplans, diagrams and more.

500 Floor Plans
Start from scratch or choose from any one of these pre-designed floor plans you can customize to make each one your own.

Over 7,000 2D symbols and parts
Choose from thousands of parts and symbols to effortlessly add to your design including electrical, mechanical, bathroom, kitchen, construction, LAN, CMOS, doors, windows, counters, fasteners, HVAC and more. Use the symbols browser to quickly locate just what you need, enhanced with symbol filenames.

Advanced Editing
Select an object and easily change the geometry in the Edit Objects window. All values appear as whole numbers or decimals and can be entered in any units desired.

Layers and Layer Sets
Use layers to organize your design and create layer sets, making it easy to visually turn on and off appropriate visual aspects of a model for easier editing. The number of layer sets is virtually unlimited, layers can be assigned to as many sets as necessary, and sets can be recursively nested.

5 reviews for TurboCAD MAC Designer 2D v14 (ESD)

  1. Tommy Holt

    I really like this software. For 2D printers, it is a nice platform to use as well. This is a wonderful software platform that gives you all the resources to build the next creative project that you need.

  2. Nicola Harlow

    This program is awesome for interior designers, but the rendering is not the best. It helps with much of the room’s math and scale, but it really depends on your skill with the program.

  3. Raphael Kelly

    The program is excellent and probably the best out for a low price CAD program. BUT, getting documentation has been a real task. It would be a real opportunity for someone to publish an instruction textbook starting from ground zero.

  4. S Tran

    Mac Designer has a drafting helper that made it simple for me to create floor designs for my clients. It also has a large number of customisable templates and pre-drawn plans, which allows me to save a significant amount of time while brainstorming, producing, and designing.

  5. Jayson Moore

    TurboCad has enabled me to create and modify drawings for my plans easily.

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