Outsourcing Content Marketing : Why Is It so Important?

Outsourcing Content Marketing : Why Is It so Important?



While outsourcing content marketing may appear to be a significant step, it may present an excellent opportunity for your business. This article will discuss the benefits of hiring professional content writers to advance your content marketing strategy. Outsourcing content marketing is a simple and effective way to reap the benefits of content marketing without doing the work yourself.

Content marketing can be very profitable: over 70% of brands now hire someone to manage content creation and distribution.

 Let us begin by defining content writing.


Defining Content Writing

Content writing is the guide for planning, writing, and editing web content, typically for online marketing purposes. This category includes creating blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, and content for specific platforms, such as tweetstorms on Twitter or text posts on Reddit.

Business professionals frequently hire content writers to create high-quality communications such as sales copy, blog posts, articles, and social media posts. To write compelling copy, these writers must first comprehend their intended audience. As part of the content creation process, meetings with clients and project leaders ensure that the overall tone of the content is consistent with the company’s website and brand image.


Job Description

Simply put, content writers are professionals at creating online content. Some writers are adept at writing in various styles and on various subjects. In contrast, others specialize in writing for a specific audience. Content writers can be found working for private businesses, government organizations, or freelancers on a contract basis.


Types of Content Writing

Blog Writer

Bloggers are renowned for their ability to create conversational, engaging content. They understand how to write content that connects with and engages the intended audience—often through the use of humor and other forms of entertainment. Blog posts are highly entertaining for readers and typically critical for loyal brand followers. Engaging blog content drives organic website traffic. Employing skilled blog writers and utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques typically results in a 55 percent increase in website traffic.

 As with journalists, blog writers conduct research and frequently interview subject matter experts before creating high-quality content that readers want. They recognize that premium copy performs better in search engine results pages (SERPs) and work to curate their messages accordingly.


Brand Journalist

As with brand ambassadors, brand journalists are concerned with improving a brand’s image. They are storytellers who ensure that press releases, customer testimonials, company biographies, brand stories, and human interest stories elicit an emotional response from readers. They delve into the heart of a business to tell a brand’s story.

 Brand journalists approach storytelling differently. They are less concerned with describing products and services and demonstrating how the people behind the brand cultivate a strong culture. These writers are adept at crafting headlines that compel readers to click and share content. For your computer security, you can also buy Norton security standard software.



Copywriters are accomplished wordsmiths who have created various types of content for digital and, in some cases, print platforms. They are knowledgeable about various subjects and effective strategies for engaging a specific audience. Incorporate primary content, site articles, product descriptions, infographics, sales collateral, and blog posts into a cohesive website copy. They understand that each copy serves a distinct purpose and how the pieces fit together.

Copywriters frequently take on the roles of multiple writers due to their versatility. They are frequently a one-stop-shop for businesses operating on a shoestring budget. Depending on the volume of work, a single excellent copywriter can handle most of it effectively.



Ghostwriters complete writing projects for businesses, business owners, and authors who lack the necessary time. They have a wealth of experience writing in various tones and voices to complement existing content. Ghostwriters who thoroughly understand the brand’s voice and image are frequently hired to write online newsletters and CEO leadership messages. Frequently, ghostwriters complete work for authors who are limited in time and resources. Additionally, they produce eBooks, articles, white papers, and various other types of content.


Technical Writer

Technical writers are distinguished from other content writers by their in-depth understanding of mathematical, scientific, or technological concepts. They are adept at converting highly technical subjects into straightforward copy, including details about complex processes, components, and how to perform specific functions. They collaborate with subject matter experts to enhance the quality of the content and ensure its accuracy. Technical writers pay close attention to detail and follow a systematic approach when writing articles, guides, manuals, and FAQs.


Social Media Writer

Image From The Writers Cookbook

Social media writers create compelling posts for various social media platforms to elicit likes, comments, shares, and followers. They want to generate buzz and attention through their content, which will result in increased traffic and sales. It includes creating original social media assets like posts, quizzes, and other interactive content with graphic designers and videographers. They must stay current on the latest social media trends and changes to perform their jobs effectively.



The Benefits of Content Outsourcing


You’ll Gain Additional Time to Devote to Strategy and Other Business-Related Tasks

One of the most common reasons for outsourcing content creation is a lack of time. Researching, writing, and publishing regular blog posts can be a full-time job in and of itself. That’s not even taking into account other critical in outsourcing content marketing tasks such as social media promotion and search engine optimization.

Because each of us has a finite number of hours in the day, it is critical to prioritize your primary activities to make the most of them. Suppose you’re a marketer, for example. In that case, you might be working on strategy, or if you’re a business owner, you might be dealing with other critical tasks. The point is that you can outsource content creation while maintaining control over the process. You can then focus on other aspects of the business.

While creating content yourself may appear to be a simpler or less expensive option, this is rarely the best business strategy. Concentrate on your core business activities and delegate content creation to a professional. Not only will you produce higher-quality content, but you’ll also earn significantly more money than you invest.


Outsourcing Content Creation Is Less Expensive Than Hiring a Full-Time Writer

Outsourcing content creation frees up strategy, idea generation, marketing, and experimentation time. Additionally, it improves your content marketing ROI! Outsourcing content creation can be a very cost-effective method. The cost of hiring a full-time writer will run your business into the tens of thousands of dollars per year.

The average salary for a full-time content writer in the United States is around $65,000. If this writer is an on-site employee, you must also factor in the cost of IT and other equipment, training, and all other associated costs.

When you outsource, you pay for only the content that you request. You are not responsible for providing medical insurance for your writer or replacing their laptop if it breaks. This cost is included in the overall rate of freelancers or agencies who write content for businesses.


You Can Benefit From Novel Ideas and Perspectives

Image From Medium

You almost certainly have your own stories to tell and a desire to express yourself through your content, and nothing is stopping you. However, introducing new talent and ideas through writers who can express concepts in novel ways can significantly benefit your overall content marketing strategy.

Writers and other content creators have likely worked for various clients. They can bring that experience and knowledge to the table. Additionally, they are aware of emerging content marketing trends. They may be able to forecast trends in your industry and generate new content ideas when you are running out of ideas.

Additionally, it’s natural to lose interest in your subject after writing about it daily, which will show in your writing. By collaborating with other writers, you can ensure that you never lose your spark and that you have an endless supply of new ideas and inspiration.


You Can Hire Subject Matter Experts on a Variety of Subjects

While you may be an expert in certain areas, you cannot be expert in everyone. Unless your content strategy requires you to write about a very narrow range of subjects, you will certainly benefit from hiring others with specialized knowledge. Most content marketing agencies employ a diverse range of content producers with varying levels of experience and specialties, which means you can request an expert on any subject.

Assume your business sells toys and you’re interested in writing a blog post about the value of play in child development. You could hire someone with a psychology degree or experience working in child education. It allows you to delve deeper into the subject and present more accurate information than you would solely rely on information gleaned from internet searches.





You’ll Be Able to Communicate With a Larger Audience

When you outsource your content to professional writers, they can promote the published piece on their blog and social media platforms. It means you’ll reach a whole new audience that may have been unaware of your brand previously.

Suppose you outsource content to a specialized marketing agency. In that case, they may share it on their own social media channels or even feature or interview a client on the company blog. Even if you hire a ghostwriter and publish content under your name, freelance content marketing professionals can assist you in increasing the number of eyes on your content. They can look for opportunities to guest post on other blogs and generally devise new methods of promoting your content.




Although outsourcing content marketing offers far too many benefits to ignore, not everyone has the time or resources to write and produce content in-house. While outsourcing does have some drawbacks, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. The services of a content marketing agency like ours can help you produce better content while saving you time and money.

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